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We currently live in a world where companies are in a competitive market in which they demand each other to meet the needs of consumers, which is why at the same time the same companies demand a level of competitiveness from their workers , Which leads to more pressure on the part of employers in order to meet day-to-day demands of consumers.

Workers are faced day by day with multiple pressures in the workplace and personal that can affect the level of performance both in daily life and in the workplace which directly affects the objectives of this.


We live in a world where companies are in a competitive market which requires each other to meet the needs of consumers, which is why while the same companies require a level of competitiveness of their workers, which leads to having more pressure from the patterns in order To solve the everyday consumer demands.

Every day workers face many pressures at work and personal level that may affect the performance level both in everyday life and in the workplace which directly affects the objectives of this.

Definition and generalities of stress

Stress is a set of physiological and psychological reactions experienced by the body when subjected to strong demands, this phenomenon has two basic components:

Songstress or stress
The response to stress
These songstress are those circumstances that are found in the environment that surrounds people and that produce stressful situations. Songstress can be individual, group and organizational.

The response to stress is the reaction of an individual to the factors that originate and the types of response that can be provided in the face of a stressful situation are two:

At this point there are different types of reactions in each individual since each person tends to react in different ways, whereas some people this type of experiences are exhausting, difficult or with a very strong negative effect on the body, for other people these Experiences are only slightly altering and do not cause damage to the nervous system and nowhere in the body.

Why is it important to identify stress in organizations?

Stress is categorized as a psychosocial disorder and currently affects the world population. Nowadays, she is immersed in a globalized society that demands more and demands qualified and capable individuals to face and solve each of the labor, social and emotional problems that arise.

In this case it is where the individuals face the different situations presented to them, in which it leads to a series of physical, biological and hormonal changes, and at the same time allows them to respond adequately to external demands.

At any moment of the life certain tensions are generated the logical reactions are to eliminate them completely, in which it is very probable that the only thing that obtains is to stress even more, reason why like wise and positive human beings is to know to control the tensions To channel them in a positive way.

Most organizations depend on the human mind to perform their daily tasks in order to be more productive. Employees are immersed in a number of pressures by the same company in order to always remain in the market, Consumers, which leads to suffer countless low or low productivity due to work stress, which is of the utmost importance for organizations to identify them in order to carry out a plan of action against them.

At present there are many factors that cause work stress, due to the high competitiveness that exists in the market is why companies tend to perform tasks in order to eliminate such cases, for example performing tasks outside the daily or In another department or simply doing the tasks outside of the daily, some companies use these activities, since the worker to leave a routine that is immersed day by day tends to be more productive.

Other companies implement a play area where employees can have fun after work, so they can be distracted after their daily routine which is stimulating for the brain because it forgets about problems that could be caused within the company. This makes the employees more productive in the corresponding areas, so they forget all the problems that could be presented by stimulating the good attitude and clearing of all the activities.

Types of stress

In general terms one can speak of two types of stress:

It can be said that stress can be seen as a phenomenon of adaptation in individuals since it depends on each person and the situation that is presented the type of response that provides to their environment and this may benefit you or not in their growth Personal and / or professional.

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