Tips for write an argumentative essay

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The argumentative or critical essay of the present day is true to its origins, since it is an academic writing that is based, mainly, on the personal opinion of the writer, opinion product of the deep reflection on a subject, controversial. It is true that this writing has a good dose of reflection, subjectivity and controversy; However, it is also necessary to provide evidence of a diverse nature that supports the opinions expressed. It is worth mentioning that it is a writing whose function is not to treat a topic comprehensively; Its main function is to reflect on an issue, adopt a position, express opinions and justify them. That is, a primary aspect of the essay is to provide a new personal perspective on an issue, not forgetting the rigor required by academic texts, such as the use of data and documentary references.

Selection and delimitation of the theme.

A. Brainstorm about controversial topics within your profession or some that are being discussed in the media. The issue should allow more than one opinion.

B. Be sure to delimit the subject well, take into account the number of words or pages that you must write as part of your assignment.

C. Now that you have the topic well delimited, devote 10 minutes to make a balanced list of pros and cons of the matter in question. To do this, use a two-column table and put your subject at the top.

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