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In the present project, it responds to the need of the Department of Informatics, to computerize the information, contributing in this way, to the strengthening of the capacities in the area, in that only from the knowledge, it is possible to streamline the internal processes Of the same.

All in order to considerably reduce the time spent in its implementation, providing information that is useful for taking decisions, reducing material and economic losses and thereby making Coordination more efficient in achieving its goals. objectives.

This is why, from the technical point of view, the Socio-Technological Project will have a favorable impact, by computerizing the projects carried out, offering quick response in the search for information of interest, in the generation of lists of socio-technological projects and Of the National Training Program in Informatics.

Also, it is a technological contribution for the University Institute of Technology of Maracaibo (IUTM), one of the most recognized institutes of University Education, at regional and national level, whose vision is the computerization of all its processes (administrative and academic) And to be able to offer a better quality of services, in an efficient and effective way.

After analyzing how the University Institute of Technology of Maracaibo (IUTM) is related, and specifically the Department of Informatics, it can be said that it is related to the information management, since at the moment of appealing to the relevant instances to the case , You will find the detailed information of what is requested, even if this process is slow at the moment of giving an immediate response, and in some cases, neither the information requested is obtained, either because it was lost or simply no one has knowledge of the same.

This information so that it can be used and generate competitive advantages must have three fundamental characteristics: it must be complete, reliable and timely. In addition to the management of documentation there is a close relationship with the management of information distributed in databases and computer applications, which are not understood as documents; But they are an important source of registered information, since it allows them to establish decision-making, inform all about the Institution, among others.

In these times of so dizzying changes driven by technological innovation, it is very risky to formulate options for the future. Even so, we believe that the trend marked by theories of “information management” is unstoppable. Information management requires organizations, both public and private, that adapt to the new scales and are able to take advantage, for their own benefit, of information and communication technologies. However, it can be concluded that:

  • Information is a fundamental element for development, A company with adequate information management. Without information, it is impossible to do, to administer. Flexible, agile, and learning-savvy organizations, in a rapidly changing environment, present the best conditions for change.

    · Without information management, it is impossible to make adequate decisions, design policies and design organizational processes.

  • The management of information is not only achieved with respect to general management processes, but based on the achievements of collectives and teams, which bring knowledge and intelligence.

    · The strategic projection should always take into account the management of information, information resources and the development of business intelligence, which guarantees a change in the institution, for the sake of service delivery.

  • The benefits of good business information management and that guarantee change are: Greater control of information, Quick localization of required documentation, Access to value-added information products and services that can support decision making, Access to information generated by each of the organizational units of the company, Savings of the resources used for the storage of electronic files, Knowledge by all users of all available resources, Allow simultaneous and immediate consultation by members of The organization, Improvement and increase levels the efficiency in the processes of the organization and operational excellence.


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