Importance of the essay

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Like many methods of communication the essay tries to express an idea, but its importance lies in highlighting the author’s opinion, his position and the particular way in which the author sees and interprets the world in an informal way. Its importance lies also in that through this can relate different topics with the intention of emphasizing and arguing a concrete purpose.

A research paper loses objectivity when it lacks sources of documentary research. These give it relevance, since they represent one of the main criteria of objectivity that must be shown in research works. It should be noted that it is necessary to include the basic data of the bibliography according to the criterion of documentary research that is being used.

Characteristics of the test
The essay counts among its characteristics: Free subject (praise, insult, exhortation). Brief. Subjective (personal and express states of mind). It includes several elements (quotes, proverbs, anecdotes, personal memories). There is no preset (wandering), unsystematic order. It is aimed at a wide audience. Simple, natural, friendly style.

Among the most significant advantages of the trial are:

Agile communication, both between essayist and reader, between essayist and different authors.
His agility.
Its productive simplicity.
Your ability to communicate directly.
The brevity.
The topicality of the topics discussed.

 Language in which an essay is written
In principle the essay does not have a rigorous model of what are the rules of organization, removed the parts of the structure itself as is the approach, development and conclusions. It is important to note that the essay has some science and some literature. On the one hand the exposition of the essay must be clear and systematic, but on the other hand, it must be beautiful. The beauty will focus on the way in which the essayist communicates in a simple way and with adequate words both the approach and the defense of the thesis.

Although the subjectivity of the essayist is something implicit in the essay, the essayist must be as objective as possible, that is to say, to avoid that the work is an expression nuanced of intersections of prejudices and personal priorities.

Finally, the title of the essay should reflect the content of the essay in order to capture the attention.

The practice of generating essays will generate a more refined style of expression in us, but it is also important to analyze work in other people’s essays, which will show us how different techniques are found.

Extension of the essay
The versatility of the essay itself shows us that the essay can occupy us a whole book, but that it can also count on a few pages. However, the quality of the work is the most important, ie the accuracy of the content and the efficiency of the communication of the same. Its purpose is not to impose truths but to show possibilities of conception.

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