Argumentative essay on corruption

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Economic power and violence are two factors that throughout history have gone hand in hand, is not exclusive to drug trafficking, nor is it exclusive to bourgeois society, although it certainly acquires particular characteristics that we will mention.

The bourgeoisie in general has used violence on a large and small scale to extend and preserve its dominion, generally through the bourgeois state, through its repressive apparatus ensures that no one gets in the way of accumulation and the Who tries it is violated in different ways. Capitalism from its beginnings advanced violently over entire civilizations, hoarding territories, trade routes, natural resources, stripping agrarian communities, finding the conditions necessary for the owners of means of production to have at their disposal men able to sell their labor power. The barbarism, the death and destruction that capitalism has left behind is not at all inferior to that practiced by the drug cartels, I would rather say that this is a reflection of that.

The peculiar thing of the violence exerted by the nacre companies is that this one is realized outside of the established formally by the bourgeois normative, since its legal existence is not recognized, the nacre companies cannot regulate the relation between them nor towards others through Of courts and other instances of “importation of justice” for which they practice violence on their own, through the mechanisms that have at their disposal. Execution, although not the only mechanism used by them, is, therefore, the best way for nacre-entrepreneurs to resolve their differences between themselves and within their own enterprise.

It is an element that has been present since the beginning of the business as it is in general smuggling, even before the amount of money and capital moved around it, since drug trafficking appeared as small bands of smugglers That for example passed marijuana to the United States inside the tires of a car as it narrated the famous corridor.

But this violence to which we refer is also class violence, it is bourgeois violence, since the use of it is reserved for people explicitly authorized by nacre entrepreneurs to use it; It is not up to the individual judgment of its employees to decide when it should be used, but rather that it is the owners themselves who implement and direct it, most of whose victims are themselves employees, and their motive is to facilitate the process of accumulation of capital. Surely we could find cases in which personal and other factors influence, but the generality is that the violence practiced by the drug cartels is aimed at supporting capitalist objectives; That is, to get rid of those who are hindering this process of accumulation.

Likewise, we must say that the increase in the capacity of exercising violence of nacre entrepreneurs is mainly due to the growth of their economic power and the extension of their economic influence. It is difficult to know if they are now more violent than before, the fact is that increasing their economic capacity has increased their ability to exercise violence, in other words, their capacity and exercise of violence multiply at the same time and at the same pace Than its capital.

For us who have never been bourgeois it is difficult for us to understand why if the nacre entrepreneurs already have so much money and power they cling in that way to snatch the other nacre impresarios their business, could not they better settle for what they have and sign the Peace with others? But peace and war are also part of the same, and as long as there are fewer drug-free spaces to conquer, the more rivalry and violence between rival blocs or groups will grow because the capitalist consciousness is characterized precisely by always seeking more . Moreover, the general tendency of capital is toward concentration and centralization, and the nacre business is not exempt from it. Similarly, the monopoly tendency of capital leads to violent confrontation between blocs of capitalists; If this has occurred on a global scale, it is not surprising that this is the case.

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