Argumentative essay on corruption

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Corruption is a matter of great importance because the country is involved and is already tired of political trash, but is more tired of all the politicians who fill the bags with money that have not been earned cleanly and fairly.

Most politicians have come to power through people who help them come to power with money or as they are commonly known as “bribes”, bites, lies, robberies, and so on. When will the day come when a president occupies the place he really deserves? And do not be a fake who worries about secondary things. But all this happened because they care about themselves and not for things that are really worth it like: insecurity, crime, organized crime, corruption, among others.

In the essay of corruption, the author points out that it is not necessary to have a position of so much power to acquire this bad habit, we can find it anywhere in our society, also mentions that even the simplest person who does not have a position of power can Try to draw benefits from other people or organizations. An example of corruption may be at school in the sale of grades, etc.

Finally, I would like to mention that Mexico or any country could improve if everyone tried to act fairly, where there is no violence, robbery, drug trafficking, corruption, etc. All we need is an organized political system, which really manages money and takes care of it to improve rather than steal it from day to day. We also need a president who sees for all and not only for his politicians or his followers who are more and more. The tyranny has to end and we will not endure more injustice, Another thing that also has to end is our way of acting, not to skip the laws because you are also part of this corruption so you choose.

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