15 Steps in the process of writing an argumentative essay

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1) Investigate and summarize existing arguments on the topic to be discussed
2) Write down all the reasons for and against that you can find
3) Decide which of the proposals is the strongest, to be your thesis
4) Look for more reasons, evidence and examples that demonstrate or at least support the thesis
5) Order the main reasons in favor of the thesis
6) Develops the main reasons against the thesis and its possible rebuttals
7) Create a detailed outline of the essay (map, ARE, overview)
8) Write the body of the essay, developing each of the reasons in favor of the thesis in a paragraph
9) Write the main counter – arguments or weaknesses of the thesis as follows:

  1. A) Summarize counter-arguments or weaknesses in a paragraph
    B) Indicate why counter arguments may be rejected

    10) Write the conclusion paragraph, summarizing the main points discussed in the essay and reaffirming the thesis.
    11) Write the introductory paragraph, (check everything done)
    12) Check the draft and note that:

    A) Is the thesis clearly expressed?
    B) Are the keywords defined?
    C) Are the reasons in favor of the thesis each presented in a different paragraph?
    D) Is there a logical sequence in the presentation of ideas?
    E) Are ideas connected with link expressions?
    F) Are the reasons against and their respective refutations presented in two paragraphs?
    G) Is the introduction appropriate?
    H) Is the concluding paragraph effective?

    13) Introduce the necessary improvements
    14) Pass the essay clean, respecting the rules of presentation
    15) Do a final review especially to find idiomatic and typographical errors. *

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